We are an organization that seeks to promote our Agikuyu culture in a positive way.


  1. To promote positive African culture in Kenya and in particular among the Kikuyu community.
  2. To enhance unity and harmony among various different ethnic tribes of Kenya through cultural activities.
  3. To support and organize educational seminars and workshops in areas that adversary affects our community. e.g. Health, Security, Environment, youth developments etc…  
  4. To organize various cultural graduations activities.     
  5. To assist members financially during times of grieve, hospitalization, education and any other such purpose as it may be necessary.
  6. To make investments for economic advancement and well being of members.
  7.  The association shall be non-political and shall therefore not associate itself with any political movement or objectives whatsoever.
  8. Where necessary the association may form branches.


Any Kikuyu adult over the age of eighteen years who ascribes to Kikuyu Culture and has been culturally   promoted to a Kikuyu Elder shall qualify as a member subject to approval of the committee and on being proposed and seconded by two fully paid up members. The wives of such elders shall be treated as de facto members of the society.